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Course Introduction

Course Outline

Course Description:

Students will learn English through a variety of activities. This course provides learners with practice in reading for main ideas, summarizing, free writing, vocabulary, and basic grammar. Learners will also practice listening and speaking skills through computerized language activities in a self-study language laboratory.

Course Objectives:

The objectives of this course are to:

1.    enhance students’ English language skills, grammar, and vocabulary;

2.    broaden students’ knowledge of different cultures;

3.    develop students’ creative thinking skills;

4.    promote collaborative learning in a classroom community;

5.    instill moral and social responsibility;

6.    integrate technology into learning.

Reference Text:  Richards, J.C. & Bohlke, D(2012). Four Corner Student’s Book 3. Cambridge University Press.

                                    Course Requirements                

                   To assist students in learning various English language skills and developing positive attributes, EN011 or EN111 classes include the following activities:                                                                       

      1. My Word Power Book                                              (10 points)

                The objective of this activity is to increase the students’ knowledge of vocabulary, so they are required to handwrite 10 words every week for 12 weeks in the A4-sized book.  The words written in the book can come from both inside and outside class, and the students need to write the vocabulary, its meaning in Thai, and the sample sentence in single space. This book will be in EN 012 and EN 013.

   2. Self-study Language Lab                (10 points)                                                    

          Students are required to attend the language laboratory for speaking and listening skill practice.

3. Prime Time Speaking: How-to Demonstration                                                       (10 points)

This activity requires students to practice public speaking. Each student chooses one activity such as DIY work and talk about how to do it for 3-5 minutes in front of the class. This activity can be done individually or in pairs depending on the complexity of the action they choose for demonstrating.

4.Summary Writing              (10 points)                                                                                         

Students write two summaries from provided passages, each worth 5 points.


5. English Fun Fair                    (10 points)                                                                                                        

                English Fun Fair aims at encouraging the students to work as a team member and to use English in a real-life situation. The English Fun Fair will be on April 1-2, 2014. Each class will be assigned a responsibility for the Fair. The exact assignments will be announced later.

6. Creative Language Learning Game            (10 points)                                                                    

    This active learning activity provides students with an opportunity to practice English skills. Students, in groups of 10, create a fun game or activity.  The activity is conducted based on an International Center’s monthly theme or topic at the Center on an assigned week. The schedule for International Center attendance will be announced later.  

7. Grammar           (20 points)                                                                                                                   

                Students learn 4 grammar points in class and practice. Each grammar point is worth 5 points.


8.Quizzes                                   (20 points)                                                                                                                      

There will be two in-class quizzes, each worth 10 points. The quizzes focus on the Reading Comprehension and vocabulary, and it can be in any form except multiple choices. Therefore, there must be reading comprehension practice every week.



  Score Allocation



1. My Word Power Book

2. Self-study Language Lab (Tell Me More)

3. Prime Time Speaking: How-to Demonstration

4. Summary Writing

5. English Fun Fair

6. Creative Language Learning Game       

7. Quizzes

8. Grammar